after the rain

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It’s been a hot, humid summer. Every afternoon, Athens gets a torrential downpour, which keeps us indoors for about an hour. Luckily the rain cools everything off, and lately Josh and I have been taking the opportunity to explore nature near Sandy Creek Park. I don’t have any pictures, but we found a wild blackberry bush that was bursting with fruit. The berries weren’t quite ready to eat yet – just a little too tart – but in a few days I think we may have to bring a bucket so we can carry them home.

new routines

eggs1 eggs2 My entire creative routine has been cracked open and scrambled, just like these eggs here. Moving to a new city means new streets, new stores, and new conversations. I eat differently, move differently, talk differently. I know that the work I make after this will be totally new to me as a result of all this change. I am learning to truly go with the flow. My inner artist was a little scared at first, but she is learning to love this transformation. I think it’s time to buy some new art supplies!

new neko case on the way

Very, very excited that a new album from Neko Case is going to be coming out soon. Set to release on September 3, the name of the new album will be The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight. The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You.

Neko Case’s music is very important to me, though I don’t mean to be over-sentimental. Her music has guided me through some major life transitions. I’m going through another one now, after moving to a new state where I know hardly anyone. It is beautiful but lonesome here. A new Neko album would feel like a reunion with an old friend.

here we are

yellow-53 whitemoth  poplar good-view  clover

April and May have been a blur.  I graduated, and Josh and I moved to Georgia for the summer. We’ve really enjoyed spending time in the mountains and getting to know our summer hometown.

I’ve paused production of all things handmade for the moment, because we took a short term sublease with housemates, and don’t have a lot of room. I made a conscious decision not to bring most of my art and craft supplies. I did bring a few small things, but my fabric, sewing machines, and notions I left behind in storage.  I’ll get them at the end of July. Some days I really do wish I’d brought them, but I’ve also been having fun walking around my new neighborhood and dreaming up brand new ideas and projects that I want to try.  I’m using this time to work with a fresh clean slate of creativity.